Getting Started

DynoFlight services can be accessed both through our API and through our user interface at This guide is for the use of the DynoFlight API.


When you are first onboarded, you will be given a login to the DynoFlight sandbox. This is accessed at as opposed to The sandbox UI and API are for testing your integration. In the sandbox environment, you can set up your system to work properly and try the DynoFlight features without provisioning real credits. We use a separate URL for the sandbox and show a prominent banner in the sandbox UI to minimize the risk of accidentally using a live environment while testing.

The rest of the documentation uses "" for all links. Remember to instead use "" when accessing the sandbox environment.

Note that the sandbox is wiped on the first of every month at 12:01 AM. Do not store any information in the sandbox that you need a record of.

Provisioning and Using an API Key

To begin using the DynoFlight API, you must provision an API key with our user interface at

To use the API you must use the 'Bearer {access_token}' format to send the authorization token with each request. Here is an example of calling the company detail endpoint in python:

import requests

# Replace 'your_token_here' with your actual Bearer token
bearer_token = 'your_token_here'

# The API endpoint you want to call
url = ''

# The headers to pass the Bearer token
headers = {
    'Authorization': f'Bearer {bearer_token}'

# Make the GET request
response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)

Swagger Docs

You can find the DynoFlight Swagger documentation at

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