A General Overview of the API

The DynoFlight API is crafted to seamlessly integrate into various aviation-related systems, focusing primarily on emissions tracking and carbon offsetting. It's structured to be unobtrusive and efficient, allowing for easy integration into existing workflows.

Key Components of the API

  1. Emissions Endpoints (/emissions/): These endpoints are central to the API, enabling the recording and retrieval of emission data. This functionality is vital for environmental tracking and compliance. Additionally, the /emissions/estimate/ endpoint allows for obtaining emission estimates without creating a permanent record. This feature is particularly useful for presenting potential emissions for flights yet to occur, aiding in pre-flight planning and customer information.

  2. Provisions Endpoints (/provisions/): These endpoints facilitate the provisioning of Carbon Offset Reduction Credits (CORCs). You have the flexibility to provision CORCs in association with specific emissions or independently. The API's design accommodates the provisioning of CORCs in various increments, despite them being sold in one-ton increments. An upfront checkout process is also provided as an option (/api/provisions/checkout). At each month's end, the provisions are aggregated, rounded to the nearest ton per CORC type, billed, and then retired in the name of your company. Depending on your margin on checkouts and your number of provisioned credits that were not paid upfront, you may have a positive or negative balance. You will either be invoiced or sent this balance.

  3. Fleet Management: The API also offers endpoints for fleet management (/api/fleet). These allow for adding new aircraft to your fleet, retrieving information on existing fleet aircraft, and removing aircraft from the fleet as needed. The purpose of adding your fleet to DynoFlight is so that you can track emissions associated with specific aircraft over time.

  4. Company Information Management: Endpoints like GET /api/company and PUT /api/company allow you to manage and update your company’s information within the DynoFlight system. This includes updating contact details, operational information, and other pertinent company data.

  5. Additional Supportive Endpoints: Other endpoints, such as /api/aircraft-models, provide essential supporting functions. For instance, /api/aircraft-models offers a list of all supported aircraft models and their associated IDs, crucial for accurate emissions estimation and fleet management.

Invoices and Financial Tracking

The API extends its capabilities to financial aspects with /api/invoices, where you can retrieve all invoices related to your account, crucial for financial tracking and transparency. This feature simplifies financial management and auditing processes within the scope of aviation operations and environmental compliance.

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